Soluzioni pensate per il tuo benessere.


NIRIS Cover door set.

Security & Protection.
Key for tamperproof hexagonal screw made of chromium-plated stainless-steel, wear and tear resistant, with blue coloured insulating handgrip.

Zippo chronostats.

The comfort in your hands.
New line of chronostats and thermostats. Solutions thoughts for your well-being.

Portable lighting system for yards.

Easy to work.
Advanced duration 10 times regarding the traditional halogen lamps.
Reduced energetic consumption by 80%.
High brightness with low radiation of heat.
High resistance to hits.

Tradition and quality

Zippo is a dynamic manufacturing company that produces electrical and electronic equipment and material. It was established in 1971 thanks to the efforts and foresight of its founder who was astute enough to recognize the benefits of doing business in the emerging global markets: SPECILIZATION.